25 thoughts on “Andy Carroll and Dirk Kuyt Interview after Manchester City Game 11/04/11

    i think that @jdodd82 was referring to kuyt as the legend and carroll as the future legend

  2. @jdodd82 Legend and future legend…that doesnt make sense..he has a long way to go b4 he is put down as a Liverpool legend..In my opinion Owen isnt a liverpool legend and andy isnt near him yet…YNWA

  3. Andy keep playing the way you did against City and I promise I’ll do all the drinking for you

  4. looking back in 18games for chelsea he scored 1goal he cost £50m(5%goal percentage).
    Suarez 4goals and countless assists in his 13games for liverpool(31%goal percentage)

    Andy carroll cost £15m less then torres and in his 8games he scored 2goals(25%goal percentage).

    clearly liverpool have got the better of the deal!

  5. people saying carroll isnt worth 35m. of course not. but is torres worth 50m? fuck no.
    this lad has such a bright future its unbelievable.
    stop fucking slagging him off.
    he’s got a great left foot, one of the best headers of the ball in the premier league, and every centre backs worst nightmare. holds the ball up so well also.

  6. “He can score with his head, he can score with his feet.” Where else can you score with Dirk? LOL. YNWA!

  7. I laughed everytime the camera moved. It was like “Andy is tall…. but Dirk is shorter than him…”…. Not sure why I found that funny. Gotta love Andy though.

  8. He is a player with extraordinary potential. His header is already one of the best in game. And like he showed today, he is quite good with his feet as well.

  9. You stupid man u fans…. Dont be jealous because liverpool has beaten all of the top 3 teams. And some more than once.

  10. @valma1208 I’ll give you one thing though you have put the word retard into a new perspective. Else nice doing battle with you, we had a great laugh on your behalf. So take care sweetie, and maybe we’ll catch up again.

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