25 thoughts on “Dirk Kuyt – all goals 2008-2009

  1. ur video actuall can be rated 5/5. but because of this fking music…now it can be only rated with 2/5…

  2. @imthegunner12 overrated??? overrated???? WTF?? at least 70 percent of all football supporters hate him!!! 9 goals in seven games….. He ran 26 kilometers in a CL semi-final…. He scored a hattrick against Manchester United….. Overrated…… HELL NO!!!!!

  3. @Jolieprincesse1812 Please take good care of him, he’s a great player :’) & a Humble person..
    nice word pal i have a same thing wit you.

  4. Nice video, much appreciated and a great tribute to a man that works so hard and gets too little credit for it.
    The songs could be better, but you have your taste in music and I have mine. Few people have that in mind before they write something like “shitty music” and such. Shame.

  5. i know hes definitely not as gifted a footballer as torres but hes by far really come thru to be one of my favourite players to be playing for the red shirt

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