25 thoughts on “Dirk Kuyt – Dutch in Liverpool

  1. @Zilvergun144 Kuyt was purchased as a striker but he plays on the wing. Do
    you think he works hard to compensate for the fact that he is an expensive
    flop?…just like Aquilani?

  2. @THETRUTHISLIKESOAP no man. Aquilani hasn’t scored any goals and Kuyt did
    score. And he wasn’t that expensive for a dutch internatiol. He played
    almost the whole season.

  3. @xTLzZ think b4 you talk.even in netherland he is the 1st choice compared
    to afellay and rvd vart

  4. @THETRUTHISLIKESOAP but thierry henry wasn’t working hard and dirk kuyt is
    the hardest working player in the world. That’s why he is so good.

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