31 thoughts on “Dirk Kuyt Hat Trick : Liverpool 3-1 Manchester United 6/3/2011

  1. @punypigeon And Liverpool might be able to be first in Premier League again…someday. When was the last first place? Oh, right… 1990. :))

  2. @jeevanirajiv SAWKER?? man u boys fuck up the pronunciation….since when the ‘a’ is in the word ‘soccer’? its pretty much pronounced ‘SOCA’ …..plus i dont even say that word …..football just makes our life much more easier to relate and say lol

  3. @Neigah88 Get a life dude…we call it soccer because the brits invented the word. you got a problem with that go talk to them dumbass and its SAWKER not saccorr stupid.

  4. @Ifriskyyyy ermm not really 19 18:) when were the last time u won the league 4 us it were last season so stfu

  5. @davidmas0 you will be lucky to finish 4th ,,its going to go like this man utd champions man city runners up chelsea 3rd then arsenal spurs and maybe liverpool ill come back next may to say i told you so

  6. @antiscreen

    its funny that you laugh at me at the idea of me believing we have a chance of challenging for the title this year. when your own manager Alex Ferguson has said on numeral occasions that we are back on the radar and that we are going to challenge this season. even Wayne Rooney has come out and said that he believes we will challenge for the title this season. and vidic has said we are your main rivals. so if all your own players are saying that then why should i listen to you?

  7. @antiscreen

    How do you know if we cant afford a stadium? do you know how much money our owners have got? do you speak to them? no, so your just making things up through your own biased prejudice. And the owners have said they are going to either expand or build which means we can afford it otherwise why would they say it? moron! and i didnt say it was going to be 60000, i said it could be anything in excess of 60000, which means 60000 or more, we dont know how big the capacity is gonna be

  8. @davidmas0 you cant afford that stadium and,,,and its a big fucking and, if you do eventually build it ,,its only a 60,000 so as i said always second best ,,,we have a better airport better shopping better stadium better accent “at least people can understand us” better teams that includes man shitty, your just always going to be second best ,,its painful for you i no but thats just reality your city is a fucking JOKE hahhahaha

  9. @antiscreen

    “you cant afford it”

    you clearly havent got a clue what you are talking about when it comes to Liverpool. The owners have even said that if they cant expand anfield then they will build a completely new stadium, but they are evaluating which is the best option for the club in terms of finance and feasiblity, and they are intelligent people who dont just rush into making blind decisions without exploring all possibilities.

  10. @antiscreen I admit we are second best but I’m confident our time is coming, we’ve come through the off field issues and now are in a stable position to regroup and look to improve on previous seasons. Admittedly “our time” has been a long time coming but I’m confident that we’ll be back among the top 4 sooner rather than later. Agree about LFC vs Man U matches, there’s no other game like it! Likewise i respect your achievements but by God can I not stand United!

  11. @TheGazrees suarez is a good player im not stupid i admit on that day he did a good job but come on everything about liverpool is based on beating man utd ,,your second best as man utd were when liverpool were on top ,it kills you that your so far behind us ,,but i got to admit I FUCKING LOVE IT when we play you ,fuck arsenal chelsea and the man shitty games i do love watching man utd liverpool ,,passion dirty tackles attacking football at its best i respect you but i hate you

  12. @davidmas0 you cant afford it ,,its ok saying were going to expand ,,which you cant do with all the scousers living so close to the ground the only option is to build somewhere else which if you do you can only afford a 50,000 seat stadium so the best option is ground sharing with everton then you will get 60,000 maybe but oldtrafford is 78,780 and we can still expand to over 100,000 and we will fill it ,just admit it your second best ,,come on just admit it to yourself

  13. Biased views and cheap attempts at jokes. Why be so classless in defeat that rather than admit Suarez tore a hole in your defence, you had to bring up something irrelevant? And that Nani picture/joke? Please! Carragher was lucky I agree, but Rafael was no better, a two footed lunge that thankfully missed Lucas’ legs that on another day may have had serious consequences. If you’re going to carry on with match reports in future best of luck to you, really, but cut the bitterness and cheap jokes!

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