10 thoughts on “Dirk Kuyt & Luis Suarez Skill HD

  1. Dirk has said in an interview that they speak dutch to each other to confuse opponents lol
    like video keep it up

  2. looking forward to these guys as teammates, both of them scored in a game against their countries today

    congrats to Luiz & Dirk, a new exciting LFC partenership 🙂

  3. @crackedout123 VDS just didnt want to accept what he had just saw, Suarez owning his entire defence. He went over to the ref to confirm that this was all actually happening in reality, lol hahahahahahahahah YNWA!!

  4. @greenakias he can fuckin see he’s not offside! Suarez is on the byline, VDS turns around and sees Kuyt NOT on the byline and scores. What an idiot! I hate stupid Manc players.

  5. @crackedout123 he thought that kuyt was offside….but he was behind suarez line so it’s true goal…

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