24 thoughts on “Dirk Kuyt song Liverpool NEW 10/11

  1. Kuyt is the master. He changed that game with his ripper of a goal and backed it up with a sublime Penalty!. YNWA!

  2. Great song but so you know theres already a few songs we sing for dirky,
    Dirk Kuyt were ever u may be they smoke poti in ure home country could b worse could b a manc asking ure sister 4 a wank. And back in the days when rafa was manager….. RAFAS GOT HIS DIRK OUT RAFAS GOT HIS DIRK OUT NANANANA NANANANA

  3. @ScouseSeparatists im from chicago and since they are 50/50 in us ill go with liverpool

  4. @ScouseSeparatists then I guess all funding for liverpool should come from scousers too…. what would the transfer kit be then? $0?

  5. @MsRussoProductions My logic is that you should support your local club and support your local community, that’s the way i see football thats the way i see life.

  6. @ScouseSeparatists with that logic only scousers should play for the club…. where would we be then?

  7. @ScouseSeparatists with that logic only scousers should play for the club…. where would we be then?

  8. @chowlohan You take tickets off local lads who deserve to be at the match that’s why, they can’t get a fucking ticket because of day trippers & it’s wrong. The local pulse should be at the heart of any club. The atmosphere at Anfield has also been completely destroyed by tourists. The Kop is nothing compared to what it used to be.

  9. @ScouseSeparatists idiot who r u to decide to whom should we support… I support LFC bt m nt scouse… Bt I LOVE SCOUSE, if only scouse has to support LFC then y were LFC touring asia???? I love LFC N NO1 CAN THAT AWAY … YNWA

  10. Run run run and still no trophy’s u dumb scousers. ur rubbish, the old liverpool were the best and now this liverpool buys crap , slow players who dont no how to finish, pass and win games.. sell this idiot KUYT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  11. @ScouseSeparatists The thing is… People grew up supporting Liverpool because their parents grew up supporting liverpool, because their parents grew up supporting liverpool, so on and so on. You can’t just suddenly switch team… you yourself know that.

  12. @ScouseSeparatists Knowone will touch your cult with a shitty stick because your an ignorant fool that counts for (wait for it…..) FUCK ALL haha. grow up

  13. @kingkennyreturns Scouse Separatists are an LFC movement lad haha there you go again chatting utter shabite because you don’t know anything about our city. I’m red, a Scouse red, the only type of red that counts, ask any true Scouser they will tell you the same as me. Support your local team you glory hunting tit. The End !

  14. @ScouseSeparatists you sound so bitter, im thinking your trying to sabotage LFC. you must be a blue nose! I said your an inbred, because you want to control and isolate yourself away from those who love liverpool and the TRUE scousers. Liverpool is one of the biggest clubs in the world, why? because it has worldwide support. embrace it, dont attack it. Regardless, you are only an individual and if you want to continue to behave like a tribal caveman, then thats your choice. LFC till i die.

  15. @kingkennyreturns Lad don’t try and educate me on my own city haha. fucking hillarious you. I’m not English lad i’m Scouse. Hence my name. And it amazes me that every fucking wool i talk to says “my family is from Liverpool” i know for a fact your not because you said i was inbred. What kind of person with Scouse heritage would do that? I don’t like glory hunting wools lad simple as that and no SCOUSE LFC fan does. Stop chatting shit & support your local team. You punter.

  16. @ScouseSeparatists you dont stand for all scousers, and no i dont hate scousers. my family is from there. Some people need to get away from this idea that scouse should remain scouse. When if you knew your history, Liverpool is very multi cultural and its population is vastly Scandanavian or Irish decent. the word scouse even comes from norwegian sailors. So stop this bullshit about closing Liverpool off to the world. fuck england, fuck the royals and fuck you if your to ignorant to understand.

  17. @kingkennyreturns Inbred? You’re calling a Scouser an inbred yet you support Liverpool you fucking whopper? People like you knock me sick. A Scouse hating Liverpool fan heard it all now. Stay away from Liverpool you gobshite.

  18. @redchris5 dont hate. i support liverpool, i dont need ‘locals’ to tell me what to do. I dont support you, i support the team. thanks for the comment

  19. Fucking shabite lad. Like that fella below me said leave it to the locals. You’re making a fucking mockery of our fans. Wool.

  20. That’s shite lad dirk already has 4 or5 boss songs leave it to the locals kidder

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