Dirk Kuyt

Dirk Kuyt wants the league title with Feyenoord

Dirk Kuyt does not want to stop playing football anytime soon as the 35 year old Dutch winger stated that he wants to continue for a long time which very impressive for a player of his age who still manages to gets consistent playing time but has not shown any signs of slowing down.

The veteran player joined Feyenoord on a year-long contract as he will be remaining with the Dutch coach throughout the 2015-16 season but even when his time with the club arrives, Kuyt wants to continue playing on, whether this may be with a contract renewal or by joining another club.

“We will discuss a potential renewal at the end of the season. I want to focus on playing football for now. I am feeling well and want to keep playing for a long time. A contract renewal could be an option if Feyenoord are on the same page as me. But I am in no rush to resolve my future’’

“My main goal is to win a trophy with Feyenoord. I was voted Player of the Season, won the top scorer award and won the Golden Shoe during my first spell with Feyenoord, but I did not win the league title for example. That is my biggest objective this season.” Feyenoord’s Dirk Kuyt said as he voiced what he is planning and hoping to accomplish with his team.

Even at his 35 years of age, Dirk Kuyt has still managed to play against his younger opponents and he has turned into one of the most feared attackers in the Eredivisie after being able to score 13 goals in 17 appearances, Kuyt is one of the top goal-scorers of the Dutch league and he has no plans of hanging up his boots anytime in the near future.