25 thoughts on “Liverpool 2-1 Man Utd: FA Cup 4th Round: Fan Reactions (Uncensored)

  1. Oh just shhh just cause your Fergie time didnt work. It about time we had some luck 🙂 and honestly We took away the fa, Palace who you took for granted took away cc. And Europa i dunno!

  2. @quikman231 you tip Cardiff? So fucking what? You probably tipped United to beat Basle and Palace, look where that got you. You probably thought you’d beat us last Saturday, oh wait! We have have no chance in the FA cup? That’s your lot Sunshine, your not actually in it anymore. Your the second team in Manchester, deal with it, hope you hold on to second.

  3. @armbar Newcastle are ahead of you by a point you twat. Either way, United are in a much better position than you are. I tip Cardiff to beat u in the final, since you never raise your game against the small teams, and as for the FA cup, you have no chance. All that money spent in the summer and there haven’t been tha big of an improvement. Make sure you get your ticket for LFc’s first wembley trip in 16 years. #19

  4. @quikman231 Actually Newcastle are 2 points behind us, we are 3 points off of 4th. You cant fucking read a league table can you, you fucking cunt. As for ‘bigger fish to fry’, you wont win the league so you are clinging to 2nd cos spurs could take that off you easily. You ain’t winning the league that’s for sure, face it your last chance of silverware was last saturday and you went out. Still you tell yourself that you are doing well….

  5. @armbar We’re actually competing for the league atm…we have bigger fish to fry. You scum are struggling to get into the top 4 atm and may not see CL football for many years. You’re only thereabouts because Cheslea and Arsenal are having shit seasons. Even Newcastle are ahead of you ffs. #19 19 19 19

  6. @WeAreTheRedmen Finally something to smile about!! We played ok for a team with 36% possession at home. Still proves nothing though. Playing exactly the same way and we woulda got beat by any of the bottom 5 cos thats just us.

    But man u are so scared or little old Liverpool its a joke!
    1 year we will exploit the fact that they poop when they play us and go on to win something..you know..like we did between 1963 and 1993 – almost a trophy a season on average!

    Just erase 2007-11

  7. @quikman231 Actually, being that the might of Palace and Basle ended your other Cup Competitions the FA cup was your Cup final, and you lost. so all you have left is the league and despite last nights results no one believes you will win that either. So heres to a trophyless season for the scum.

  8. you’re nothing but a midtable, game raising cup team. Congrats on winning your cup final on saturday. Can’t wait antil we do you twats at OT in 2 weeks time. Racist cunts.

  9. @jjmarz1001 the whole story is messed up but the fact it means black man is a rasist remark to tell evara in a heated moment why black man is an insult in my book, had evra been white he would have said why instead of why white man he said why black man to insult, he would hasve been angry from what evra said about his sister

  10. @G1S1W “por que negro?” means “why, black(man)?”. Suarez admits saying this when Evra pushed his arm away, after the talk from the ref. Evra admits starting the conversation with “la concha de tu hermana” which means “your sister’s cunt” (implying that you have intimate knowledge of it). The FA translated it to mean “fucking hell”, but that’s wrong.

  11. LOL!! yes absolutely.

    Gareth Barry IS better than Steven Gerrard, hence his place in the England team, hence his place in the Man City starting line up, hence Steven Gerrard playes for a team that can’t get into Europe

    i was sent that haha

  12. @G1S1W Mancini took off Dzeko for DeJong at 71′, with the score 2-0 Bayern. It’s not that I support Tevez so much as I think Mancini is a prick. I think Tevez is a good player. In that game I thought Mancini had lost his mind, and apparently, so did Tevez.

  13. @jjmarz1001 ok and i heard nergo means little black man am i right as i’m unsure,also saying he called him a nigger he could easily have refresed to what suarez meant rather than the word being used, as in if suarez said you black bastard evra could still have told ferguson he got called a nigger do you get what i mean.

  14. @G1S1W QUOTED From the FA report:
    128. Sir Alex said that as he was speaking to David De Gea, Mr Evra approached him. He said
    “Boss, Suarez called me a nigger.” It was obvious to Sir Alex that Mr Evra was upset and
    angry. Sir Alex was shocked and asked Mr Evra what he wanted to do about it. Sir Alex
    told him that he should report it to the referee and asked Mr Evra if he wanted to do that.
    Mr Evra said that he did.
    Maybe you should read the report. Suarez admits saying “por que negro?”

  15. @jjmarz1001 ok send me links pleease to where evra changed his mind. what did suarez admit saying then

  16. @jjmarz1001 well teves is a city player the manager hass a right to play him if he wants its why the player signs the contract to be a football player at that club, ok so macini never brougt him on when teves wanted thats no reason to refuse to play infact its pathetic, who qwas the defensive player macini brought on why do you supoort teves so much

  17. @G1S1W 1st Mancini Cup tied Tevez BEFORE he refused to play. When he refused to play, City were down 2-0 to Bayern Munich. Tevez warmed up TWICE, then Mancini made a defensive substitution (down 2-0). Mancini then told Tevez to warm up again, and he refused (because Mancini was jerking him around all night). Not much respect for your Captain, leading scorer, and the guy who won you the FA Cup.
    BTW. He wanted out last summer. It was the year before that he was convinced to stay (with a pay raise)

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