25 thoughts on “Dirk Kuyt 09/10 All Goal (HD)

  1. Thumbed down because of the awful, awful music. Way to ruin a perfectly good video.

  2. @mikeaprice09 5 Champions league cups so sit down and stfu dirty glory hunting cunt

  3. @10400274 haha you presume every manchester united fan is a glory hunter.. theres many glory hunters who the true united fans hate too but you are obviously the fag calling any manchester united fan scum and a glory hunter.. 19 .. so stfu prick

  4. @mikeaprice09 took a break from armchair supporting and prawn sandwich eating?

    glory supporting fags

  5. @Gotze31BVB lol…also we should sell GERRARD for KEITA and CARRAGHER for BOSINGWA. Noob, don’t even think of being a coach.

  6. Liverpool should sell DIRK KUYT and replace him with ALEXIS SANCHEZ if not keep looking forward to 6th and 7th place finishes in the league for LIVERPOOL

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