26 thoughts on “Dirk KUYT GOOOOOLAZO! WHAT A GOAL! Netherlands – Hungary 5-3 29/03/2011

  1. @vanmaarwijk
    with an affelay you can get an 8 for his performance but he also can get an 4… with kuyt you always know he’ll get a 7 and sometimes he brings a bit more

  2. Kuyt is such a great player that even when he isn’t LOOKING at the goal he scores. That is the legendary Kuyt Liverpool fans know. YNWA 😀

  3. @Spyfff I’m actually a Liverpool fan u plonker! :L haha, but even I can admit Kuyt’s goals are mostly from just a few yards like

  4. @vanmaarwijk Maybe because he scores twice (if I am correct) in important games like these. He also doesn’t just attack. World cup game against Brazil he was essential in the win

  5. i dont hate him but there r sooo many great players but the coach still plays dirk kuyt..

  6. @kaka2860, see for instance the Voetbal International article titled “Van Nistelrooy: ‘Er werd een beetje slordig gespeeld'” that came out today.

  7. Kuyt is one of the hardest working players in the history of football. Total class act.

  8. I love the honesty of Kuyt, where all his team mates are swamping him and he’s waving his arms saying, I didn’t mean it, I didn’t mean it! Great lad.

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