Dirk Kuyt

Dirk Kuyt Convinces Others To Join Up

It is not often that influences of certain decisions are talked about.

However, Fenerbahce recently thanked Dirk Kuyt for acting as assist to Gregory van der Wiel. It was definitely an unorthodox step taken by him as he commemorated Dirk for the role he played in helping the team to get Gregory van der Wiel, a fellow Dutchman, onto the club. Van der Wiel has revealed he to be a Fener player this Monday and that has happened only after Kuyt helped to convince him of the move. Kuyt played for the Turkish club for three years. Fener issued a statement officially on the club website thanking Kuyt for the role he has played in getting this deal finalized.

The statement reads that the deal had happened due to the contribution of Kuyt who was an ex player of the club. The statement went on to say that the transfer process for Gregor was influenced by Kuyt and that he has provided the right references about the club to Gregory which has convinced him of making this move.

This kind of statement is seldom issued by any club. But it is needless to say that most transfers take place when ex players recommend others or recommend any past club to fellow players in their playing arena. Dirk on the other hand, has been rewarded for the successful season he spent at Feyenoord. Known to be a striker of former Liverpool team, he would be remaining back with an Eredivisie outfit for the new season. He has scored 19 goals out of the 32 league games played with Feyenoord. Hence, not only has he played well for his club, he is also convincing others to sign up. It is definitely a great way to prove one’s association with a club.