Dirk Kuyt


There has been so much noise about the likelihood that Arsenal playmaker MesutOzil would exit the side this summer.

The German star does not lack admirers but how many sides are really open to receiving him, after meeting his release clause and contractual obligations, and using him to his true potential?

Arsenal pays the former Real Madrid star £140,000 per week. That contract is in its final year before the player would have to commit to another club or accept the Gunners’ offer. This scenario is a regular one for the North London outfit.

Former stars Samir Nasriand Robin van Persie were also in this same situation few years back. Both players were highly sought after in the transfer market and their deals were in its final 12 months. Clubs were falling over themselves for the players and with Arsenal not keen on losing out on both sides; the club had to sell them in 2011 and 2012 to Manchester City and Manchester United respectively. (more…)

Dirk Kuyt


Former Liverpool and Netherlands midfielder Dirk Kuyt have reacted to been labeled a “scouse b*****d” by Manchester United fans after his team lost to Manchester United in their Europa League group stage fixture.

The match between both teams in the Europa League group stage saw Feyenoord edging Manchester United in Rotterdam while Manchester United deservedly won the second leg all thanks to a 4-0 thrashing of Feyenoord at old Trafford.

In an interview in which Kuyt who played for Liverpool from 2006-2012 granted the press, the Dutchman explained that although going four goals down wasn’t a pleasant experience; he enjoyed being picked on by the Manchester United faithfuls.

He further added that while a whole stadium turning against you isn’t much fun, the reason that triggered their trolling and jibe made him enjoyed it anyway. Despite the jibes and troll, the striker decided to focus on what he is paid to do. It was unfortunate though that his team performed below par. (more…)

Dirk Kuyt

Fenerbahce Players all Landed Safe

The Footballers of Durk Kuyt’s former club Fenerbahce were lucky to come down safe in Hungary the other day as the aeroplane they had boarded had a mini-accident up in the sky.

A flying bird came in the way of the aeroplane suddenly and the pilot could not avoid striking it. But, he kept the balance of the plane even after that collision and made sure he had control over it until he the landing happened. Sometimes, such collisions cause plane-crash as the plane gets imbalanced.

Fenerbahce was actually not travelling to Hungary. Their destination was United Kingdom where they had to play a continental match against an English side, but, since the collision had damaged the front part of the plane, it was dangerous to continue with the journey.

So, the pilot, in consultation with the control room, took the plane down at the nearest available appropriate place which was the airport of the Hungarian capital.

The plane is now going to be left there for the repair work and another one has been arranged to pick the players and drop them to UK. (more…)

Dirk Kuyt

Veteran Kuyt Scores Twice to Maintain 100% Start

Feyenoord are continuing their impressive form in the league after securing a fourth consecutive victory at the start of the season.

However, this victory was made possible because of striker Dirk Kuyt, who defied his age with a brilliant brace against Excelsior. Feyenoord have been one of the surprise packages of the Dutch Eredivisie 2016-17 season. They were expected to be in the mix to the Champions League qualification outfits, but they have stormed to the top of the table after a sensational start. However, the team looked like being in danger of suffering the first defeat of the season as they were trailing 1-0 after just 26 minutes.

Kuyt, who recently watched his team come up against Manchester United and Fenerbahce in the Champions League draw, was in inspired form and he came up with the equaliser just one minute before half-time. This proved to be the crucial element in the game asExcelsior fell like a pack of cards following this goal.Kuyt’s second goal of the game came just before the hour and this put Feyenoord in the lead.Excelsior’s confidence seemed to hit a rock bottom after watching the striker scored the goal. They conceded two more goals in the next five minutes to lose the game in a poor fashion.

Dirk Kuyt

Dirk Kuyt Convinces Others To Join Up

It is not often that influences of certain decisions are talked about.

However, Fenerbahce recently thanked Dirk Kuyt for acting as assist to Gregory van der Wiel. It was definitely an unorthodox step taken by him as he commemorated Dirk for the role he played in helping the team to get Gregory van der Wiel, a fellow Dutchman, onto the club. Van der Wiel has revealed he to be a Fener player this Monday and that has happened only after Kuyt helped to convince him of the move. Kuyt played for the Turkish club for three years. Fener issued a statement officially on the club website thanking Kuyt for the role he has played in getting this deal finalized.

The statement reads that the deal had happened due to the contribution of Kuyt who was an ex player of the club. The statement went on to say that the transfer process for Gregor was influenced by Kuyt and that he has provided the right references about the club to Gregory which has convinced him of making this move. (more…)

Dirk Kuyt

Dirk Kuyt arrived to Fenerbahce on June of 2012

The Dutch winger Dirk Kuyt arrived to Fenerbahce on June of 2012 as he signed a 3 year long contract and his time with the club of Turkey is reaching it’s last few months and now the future of Kuyt is starting to appear undecided as the player still has not decided on what he wants to do.

Dirk Kuyt has already announced to the public that he does not want to extend his current contract with Fenerbahce and this means that when the current season ends, he will turn into a free agent.

Southampton, Ronald Koeman has displayed his interest in signing Dirk Kuyt when the summer transfer window arrives and he becomes a free agent. Kuyt is well aware of how it is to perform in the Premier League as the Dutch winger used to wear the Liverpool jersey for over 5 years.

When the 34 year old player was asked during an interview about his near future, Kuyt replied by saying that he simply does not know as he has not discussed it with his agent as he said: ‘’I have not have time to discuss that with my agent.As soon as I do, I will let you know more news.” (more…)