Dirk Kuyt


Former Liverpool and Netherlands midfielder Dirk Kuyt have reacted to been labeled a “scouse b*****d” by Manchester United fans after his team lost to Manchester United in their Europa League group stage fixture.

The match between both teams in the Europa League group stage saw Feyenoord edging Manchester United in Rotterdam while Manchester United deservedly won the second leg all thanks to a 4-0 thrashing of Feyenoord at old Trafford.

In an interview in which Kuyt who played for Liverpool from 2006-2012 granted the press, the Dutchman explained that although going four goals down wasn’t a pleasant experience; he enjoyed being picked on by the Manchester United faithfuls.

He further added that while a whole stadium turning against you isn’t much fun, the reason that triggered their trolling and jibe made him enjoyed it anyway. Despite the jibes and troll, the striker decided to focus on what he is paid to do. It was unfortunate though that his team performed below par.

The striker further went on to state reason why he was proud of being called “Scouse b*****d” by Manchester United fans. The Feyenoord midfielder says: “I played for six years for Liverpool, it was the best time of my life.” He added that: “60,000 supporters shouted against me, and said you scouse b*****d and normally when the rivals shout at you, it’s not the best thing that can happen to you.”

He believes that been referred to as a scouser by United fans has made other scousers good people because of his sterling performance for both Liverpool and Feyenoord, hence he is unfazed by the trolling he received from United fans.

All through his career in Liverpool, the midfielder was a stellar performer, achieving big things with his former Liverpool boss Rafael Benitez. Nonetheless, he has equally impressed on his return to his home club Feyenoord.