Dirk Kuyt

Fenerbahce Players all Landed Safe

The Footballers of Durk Kuyt’s former club Fenerbahce were lucky to come down safe in Hungary the other day as the aeroplane they had boarded had a mini-accident up in the sky.

A flying bird came in the way of the aeroplane suddenly and the pilot could not avoid striking it. But, he kept the balance of the plane even after that collision and made sure he had control over it until he the landing happened. Sometimes, such collisions cause plane-crash as the plane gets imbalanced.

Fenerbahce was actually not travelling to Hungary. Their destination was United Kingdom where they had to play a continental match against an English side, but, since the collision had damaged the front part of the plane, it was dangerous to continue with the journey.

So, the pilot, in consultation with the control room, took the plane down at the nearest available appropriate place which was the airport of the Hungarian capital.

The plane is now going to be left there for the repair work and another one has been arranged to pick the players and drop them to UK.

The deputy chairman of Fenerbahce, who was on the plane too, said that the incident was no distraction for the touring squad as it stayed in good spirits and is up for the trip.

He was quoted as, “It’s just that the collision had left a little chink on the window. So, we had to do this unplanned landing, but, I can say on the behalf of the team that it’s all okay and we are not in any sort of bother at all. I can’t see any concerns on anyone’s face to be honest. So, all the well-wishers of the players and the staff can relax. Another plane is coming and hopefully, we will be on our way to UK soon.”