25 thoughts on “Dirk Kuyt ~ The Flying Dutchman

  1. Babasının da amına koysun Fenerbahçe. Kız bacısının da orospu çocuğunun… 😀

  2. @ 2:02 most players will beg for a penalty, but Kuyt is a real warrior and doesn’t give up and score’s it. I hope he comes back to Feyenoord!

  3. dus kuyt heeft wel techniek.. waarom doet ie zulk soort shit nooit in t nederlands elftal, daar laat ie alleen maar skills zien die een betonblok ook heeft

  4. Torres scored many goals because of kuyt….he went to Chelsea and there is nobody to serve him goals and as a result he didn’t score yet. If kuyt is shit then why is he in the first eleven in Netherlands National team? why last year premier league statistics showed that he was our best player….just saying that I saw he was in the first twenty best players in premier league and torres and gerrard was in 30th to 40th place. And he loves liverpool as well…not like torres

  5. Ya man I remember it well 😀 Personally I want Liverpool to be more like Barcelona.. With technical players it just so much more enjoyable watching football..Players like Suarez I love watching him ..Dirk is anti football I love his hard work he puts in but if Liverpool keep playing him on the wing We won’t win anything..

  6. Remember that hatrick against Manchester? His skills at the nationalteam of The Netherlands, how much he has done for Feyenoord?!?! T_T

  7. He’s a nice person But the sooner Liverpool get rid of him the better..Worst footballer EVER..He’s a big part of why Liverpool can’t break down small teams..You can tell all the Liverpool players hate playing with him He’s just not good enough! Cissé and Milan Baros were absolutely miles better than him and they weren’t good enough ..GET HIM OUT PLEASE !!

  8. he isnt even that un skillfull.. he rarely ever gives the ball away. he is just not a real dribbler, but his first touch is rarely a bad one.

  9. one man who maynot be the most skillfull..but he has a RED heartand gives in 100% week in and week out

  10. His stamina is increidable.he can run for 120 min.one of my favourite players in My great team LFC.

  11. 5 star for me deffo! Good to know there are real Dirk fans who appreciate him. Nice one.

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