25 thoughts on “Dirk Kuyt – The Flying Dutchman

  1. @vsthedarkside

    I guess most of ppl knows 2 things about ur country : “the flying dutchman” and the weed.
    Hard to make a good dutch football nickname with the second thing.

  2. The other day, my friend said RVP was the best striker in Holland. I stared at him for a few seconds, and told him to GTFO

  3. Dirk kuyt the feyenoord legend 2 more jears whe must wait and than dirk takes feyenoord by the hand and brings them back to the top dirk a true feyenoorder

  4. Dirk kuyt doesnt have skill like C.Ronaldo
    He doesnt have instinct like Pippo Inzaghi
    He doesnt even have high skill pass like Alonso

    But in terms of spirit and work rate? Nobody has it like him.
    I hope one day he would become LFC Coach to teach the youngster about the spirit of playing football. He is a true legend for Liverpool

  5. met dirk kuyt in 2010 after the sunderland game were they one 3 nill he was a really nice guy to talked to and signed my jersey and i got a picture with him 🙂

  6. @jmifl what? Chelsea is something like the fireworks…chelsea started something good, and it will stop quickly…

  7. @greenakias Chelsea is like a sunrise while Liverpool is a sunset lol if you want to win something again you gotta get some reinforcements. Feyenoord is best though 🙂

  8. Fuck Chelsea! 🙂 The most crappy team that doesn’t deserve to be in Premier Leauge. 4 League titles…less than our Champion Leagues. hahahahahahahahha

  9. I see so much hate on Kuyt, even some Dutch people dont think hes that good.. you people have clue.
    If i was coach he would be the first name on my sheet!
    His workrate is unbelievable, nobody has it like him.
    He is mostly “abused” and plays on the wing, while he should be nr1 striker.
    I have 1 example for you: Ruud van Nistelrooy.
    Best moves? Nope. Best scorer? YEP!
    Kuyt is the same, no stupid shiney shit moves that (get him nowhere)C Ronaldo does.. he just does what hes paid for: score!

  10. Dirk Kuyt, machine, awesome, not a hollywood star and ruins the sport and a scorer, what else do you need?

  11. he is always ready for a rebound liverpool should thank him hes doing better ever since torres left

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